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About the Editors

Peter and his wife and their daughter live in Nashville, Tennessee. When he's not writing software, he might be trying to fix a car or daydreaming about flying an airplane. If he's not in Nashville, he's probably in East Tennessee, or camping in a National Forest, or both. Most importantly, Peter feels not at all insecure that no one noticed when he left Facebook before leaving Facebook was cool.

Zachary studied Environmental Sustainability & Human Ecology at the University of Baltimore and lives in the Druid Heights neighborhood of West Baltimore with his wife and four cats. He enjoys biking and running through the city, reading on a park bench or on the stoop, and bemoaning social media while lacking the ability to fully leave it.

Matthew is a doctor who teaches Family Medicine in West Baltimore and East Africa. He enjoys reading, writing, playing computer games, and trolling a very small group of people who think like him on Twitter.

Tim and his wife and their son live in Silver Spring, Maryland, right on the edge of Washington, DC. He teaches computer science to high schoolers on weekdays, and enjoys baking bread, reading books, and wishing he hiked more the rest of the time.